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Getting the scoop and presenting it requires experience, know-how and passion. From hard/soft news to long-form journalism, João has had more than 3,000 articles published over the last five years including several exclusives that show case his content craft skills. He has interviewed hundreds of people and can help you get the latest insights and intelligence on a range of subjects, especially data centres, cloud and edge computing.


Setting your company’s tone on a particular topic gives you the authority to guide the discussion. But writing B2B for different markets and audiences can be a challenge. João’s expertise in writing press releases, blogs and ghostwriting, newsletters, website copy and more will help you with your brand voice development. This while tailoring it all to today’s digital world, taking into account SEO optimisation, marketing as well as making it social media friendly.


Hosting a video interview, a podcast, a panel, or a virtual meetup requires an art to get participants relaxed and the audience engaged with a lively discussion. Visual and audio media is paramount to any publication or company that wants to make business or attract more viewers and visitors in the 21st century. Reach out to find out how João’s extensive know-how in hosting can help you and your brand bring out the core topics of the industry you serve.

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